The Dark Side of Church: Priest Sex Abuse

church abuseThe Catholic Church is currently experiencing a major crisis, and has been for some time. Priests are engaging in lewd and illegal sexual behavior with young children, but the widespread abuse is not being adequately handled. The first allegations surfaced in America, but priest abuse quickly became visible in Ireland, Italy, and other countries around the world.

In just the U.S, nearly 20,000 people came forward with stories of being sexually abused by a priest during childhood between 1950 and 2012. However, these numbers are most likely low because of the unique nature of law in the Catholic Church. Each diocese, a Catholic district under the care of a bishop, creates its own rules to determine the credibility of a sexual abuse allegation. In many places, church officials use such difficult and vague criteria that it’s challenging for any case to be deemed credible, regardless of the proof available.

These sex abuse allegations first emerged in the 1980s, but the Vatican did not require sex abuse cases to be reported to the Rome hierarchy until 2001. As the 21st century continued, various media outlets like the Boston Globe and The Dallas Morning News completed long investigations to unearth the truth regarding the Catholic Church priest sex abuse situation.

They found that many institutional churches had moved abusive priests to different locations but still put them in settings with other children. Bishops have yet to be held accountable by the Roman church, and many Bishops have been permitted to resign without any true condemnation or consequences. Bishop Finn from Kansas City, for instance, knew that a Father under his authority possessed child pornography and had inappropriate relations with children, but did nothing to stop it.

As citizens in the United States are filing lawsuits for compensation after experiencing sex abuse at the hands of a Catholic priest, the awareness of this issue has rocketed to the front page of every newspaper in the country. We now understand that this is truly an epidemic causing young and innocent children to be turned into victims. Many priest abuse lawyers take priest sex abuse cases to help exploited children gain the compensation they deserve.